ProRenal Multivitamins - For Kidney Support, 60 caps


Getting proper nutrition through diet and supplements is so important to the health of people with kidney disease diabetes and heart disease. However most leading multivitamins are not designed with your specific needs in mind. Many contain vitamins and minerals in inadequate amounts or in amounts that can prove harmful to you. ProRenal QD with Omega 3™ and ProRenal Vital&tradeour multivitamin without fish oil contains precisely the nutrients you need in amounts that are healthful not harmful. And what makes this even better is that choosing ProRenal™ is not an economic decision. Our multivitamins are designed so that the only choice you need to make is whether this is the best vitamin for you- it is the same cost or less expensive than leading multivitamin brands.ProRenal™ contains the nutrients proven to provide important advantages to people with kidney disease. Vitamin D People with kidney disease are much more likely to have low levels of Vitamin D. ProRenal QD™ and ProRenal Vital™ provides 800IU twice the daily recommended intake based on leading scientific evidence.Omega-3 Fatty AcidsProRenal QD only Omega-3 fatty acids are the critical part of fish oil that may prevent cardiovascular disease.- ProRenal QD™ contains 500mg of fish oil.B-complexIron

Manufacturer : Nephroceuticals

Manufacturer sku : 210900

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