Safeseal Stethoscope Cover Red, Adult


size: adult color: red the safeseal diaphragm is a soft diaphragm for your stethoscope. use it instead of the hard diaphragm. antimicrobial to suppress the growth of bacteria and mold on the diaphragm. designed to improve acoustics. conforms to the diameter of the chestpiece to create an airtight seal and provide excellent acoustic response. soft, warm feel helps reduce patient discomfort associated with the cold touch of a stethoscope during exams. advanced c-flex material is a medical grade synthetic elastomer which is resistant to ripping or hardening over time. latex-free. replace weekly. specialized labeling and customized embossing are available. the safeseal soft stethoscope diaphragm contains an antimicrobial compound to suppress the growth of bacteria and mold on the diaphragm. it is impregnated throughout the material, not just on the surface of the diaphragm. standard precautions should be followed, including cleaning of the diaphragm between use. the flexible elastomeric material of the safeseal diaphragm stretches over the stethoscope chestpiece. it was designed to fit larger stethoscope heads such as the puretone cardiology as well as all puretone traditional, echo, and symphony stethoscopes. due to their stretchable nature, safeseals can also accommodate stethoscope heads that are slightly smaller or larger, which comprise most of the commercially available stethoscopes on the market.

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