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Elbow Braces

Elbow braces can be used to immobilize the joint after an injury or surgical procedure, or to provide support for sports and activities. Braces for elbow use come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and it is best to choose the style that best suits your patients’ needs. Patients needing support and light compression for sports or other activities will benefit from using elastic band style elbow braces, which are lightweight and easy to use, and allow for a full range of movement. Patients recovering from injuries or surgery may need more complex braces for elbow immobilization, and will benefit from a model with hinges to stabilize the joint. All elbow braces stocked by medical supply companies will help prevent hyper-extension of the joint and control rotation. Tennis elbow braces are specifically designed for those suffering from tennis elbow, and allow for a wide range of controlled movement. Tennis elbow braces come in several styles and sizes, so it is possible to achieve a near custom fit.

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