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Grasping & Lifting Devices

Grasping and lifting devices make it easier for seniors and disabled patients to reach items, and safely get out of a seated position. Medical supply companies stock a wide variety of patient lifting devices, so it is possible to choose exactly the items a patient needs. Grasping devices can extend the arm, and allow patients to remove items from a shelf or surface without climbing or leaning. Patients can also use grasping devices to pick up items that have fallen to the floor, allowing the retrieval of dropped items without the risk of injury. Grasping devices can reduce the risk of falling for elderly or disable patients, and can be used in the home or hospital environment. Lifting devices allow patients to rise from a seated or lying down position with ease. Lifting devices like bed pull-ups make sitting up in bed easier, and reduce the risk of falls. Patient lifting devices can be added to a chair or seat, to allow easy rising. Patient lifting devices can be used by the patient themselves, or by someone giving assistance, and it is important to choose the right lift for each individual.

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