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IV Stands

IV stands come in many different styles and one can choose according to the purpose and place they will be installed. You can choose from portable IV stands, IV drip stands, wall mounted IV stands and those attached to carts. One would have to choose IV stands according to where they are to be installed. For instance, for the emergency room as also for post operative care portable IV stands are ideal. As these scenarios may demand mobility for the patient. IV drip stands are usually made of stainless steel and offer height adjustment so that they are convenient for both the staff as well as the patient. They also offer the option of using fluid bottles or packs of varying weight. If you are shopping for IV stands such as portable stands and IV drip stands you can choose from a wide range of brands. At Shopmed compare supplies by features, brands and cost and make your decision. Find the right medical suppliers for the medical supplies you need.

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