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Training Manikins

Training manikins and training dummies are often used as medical training manikins. Training manikins are developed for practicing basic treatment and care. Training manikins allow for lifelike movements and positions necessary for various exercises. Training manikins can allow the practice of virtually all patient care procedures. Training dummies can be used for various exercises including general nursing, injections, respiration and bandaging. Training dummies can also be used for dressing and undressing, lifting, carrying and mobilization, bathing and cleaning. Medical training manikins can be used both in schools and hospitals. Medical training manikins are devices with accurate and working anatomical elements. Most training dummies are designed to be used for several purposes, while others have been finely tuned to be useful in limited, though vital, areas. Medical training manikins are an effective tool to stay on top of your game for your patients health as well as for your own effectiveness.

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