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Applicators & Tongue Blades

Applicators and tongue blades are used frequently at hospitals and health care facilities. Applicators are the top choice for nurses and health care practitioners, they are also required in labs when specimen samples are transferred from one surface to another. Cotton tip applicators are useful in applying medication to a wound in a sterile manner. They come in several sizes and may be sterile or non-sterile. Tongue blades are usually made of wood and may or may not be sterile. They are used to examine the mouth for infection and injury. They are also useful in mixing medication as well as applying ointments. If you are shopping for applicators like cotton tip applicators and tongue blades then buying wholesale medical supplies online and brings down the costs. There are many medical suppliers who offer applicators and tongue blades of various brands. A quick comparison of features and costs on Shopmed can help you make an informed decision.

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